Do you feel happy?

When was the last time you felt truly happy? How long did that happiness last?

People often say that they will only be happy if they achieved this and that but... is that true? Often when you achieve something, you want more. By then, happiness seems to be slipping further and further away. So far that it seems impossible to reach.

Happiness seems to be a fleeting. It is frequently deemed as a reward for an achievement. Sad as it is, it never lasts as humans are generally never satisfied. Think about that last promise you made to yourself; “I will be happy when I get that new car”; “I will be happy when I buy that landed house.”; “I will be happy when I marry a rich man” Does happiness really have to be tied to an achievement?

Think about it. If happiness equates to the achievement of specific goals, what if this is your last day on earth and you look back in life only to realise you have not achieved anything you set out to achieve. What is then left for you to reminiscence?

There are so many times when one does not achieve one’s goals. By tying happiness to an achievement, it is not difficult to guess that this person will never be happy. This is because he/she will be forever living in the world of “ifs”, chasing the happiness of tomorrow and never have the time to live and appreciate life in the present.

Happiness can be really simple. It could be hearing the laughter of your loved ones; waking up in the morning to realise that your spouse is still healthy and alive; having the chance to pick up the toys that your naughty little one left strewn across the hall; having the ability to breathe on your own. In a matter of fact, happiness is your own choice. You can be upset that you have to pick up after your child or you can feel happy that your kid is still active and alive. It depends on you.

To the overachievers, this may sound like bullshit. However, if you could just take a second of your time to perhaps treat this like an experiment. Spend a little time today to think of one thing where you do not need to achieve but could make you feel happy. Tell me then, did you find that long lost happiness.

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